February 2011

A New Zealand Literary Showcase

Issue 14 Guest Artist:
Gordon Walters

Past Features:
Glasgow Voices
Volta: A Multilingual Anthology
(One poem: 93 languages)

15 Miami Poets

President: Peter Robertson
Vice-President: Sari Nusseibeh
Advisory Consultant: Jill Dawson
General Editor: Beatriz Hausner
Art Editor: Calum Colvin
Deputy General Editor: Jeff Barry

Consulting Editors
Marjorie Agosín
Daniel Albright
Meena Alexander
Maria Teresa Andruetto
Frank Ankersmit
Rosemary Ashton
Reza Aslan
Leonard Barkan
Michael Barry
Shadi Bartsch
Thomas Bartscherer
Susan Bassnett
Gillian Beer
David Bellos
Richard Berengarten
Charles Bernstein
Sujata Bhatt
Mario Biagioli
Jean Boase-Beier
Elleke Boehmer
Eavan Boland
Stephen Booth
Alain de Botton
Carmen Boullossa
Rachel Bowlby
Svetlana Boym
Peter Brooks
Marina Brownlee
Roberto Brodsky
Carmen Bugan
Jenni Calder
Stanley Cavell
Sampurna Chattarji
Sarah Churchwell
Hollis Clayson
Sally Cline
Kristina Cordero
Drucilla Cornell
Junot Díaz
André Dombrowski
Denis Donoghue
Ariel Dorfman
Rita Dove
Denise Duhamel
Klaus Ebner
Robert Elsie
Stefano Evangelista
Orlando Figes
Tibor Fischer
Shelley Fisher Fishkin
Peter France
Nancy Fraser
Maureen Freely
Michael Fried
Marjorie Garber
Anne Garréta
Marilyn Gaull
Zulfikar Ghose
Paul Giles
Lydia Goehr
Vasco Graça Moura
A. C. Grayling
Stephen Greenblatt
Lavinia Greenlaw
Lawrence Grossberg
Edith Grossman
Elizabeth Grosz
Boris Groys
David Harsent
Benjamin Harshav
Geoffrey Hartman
François Hartog
Siobhan Harvey
Molly Haskell
Selina Hastings
Valerie Henitiuk
Kathryn Hughes
Aamer Hussein
Djelal Kadir
Kapka Kassabova
John Kelly
Martin Kern
Mimi Khalvati
Joseph Koerner
Annette Kolodny
Julia Kristeva
George Landow
Chang-Rae Lee
Mabel Lee
Linda Leith
Suzanne Jill Levine
Lydia Liu
Margot Livesey
Julia Lovell
Laurie Maguire
Willy Maley
Alberto Manguel
Ben Marcus
Paul Mariani
Marina Mayoral
Richard McCabe
Campbell McGrath
Jamie McKendrick
Edie Meidav
Jack Miles
Toril Moi
Susana Moore
Laura Mulvey
Azar Nafisi
Paschalis Nikolaou
Martha Nussbaum
Tim Parks
Molly Peacock
Pascale Petit
Clare Pettitt
Caryl Phillips
Robert Pinsky
Elena Poniatowska
Elizabeth Powers
Elizabeth Prettejohn
Martin Puchner
Kate Pullinger
Paula Rabinowitz
Rajeswari Sunder Rajan
James Richardson
François Rigolot
Geoffrey Robertson
Ritchie Robertson
Avital Ronell
Élisabeth Roudinesco
Carla Sassi
Michael Scammell
Celeste Schenck
Sudeep Sen
Hadaa Sendoo
Miranda Seymour
Mimi Sheller
Elaine Showalter
Penelope Shuttle
Werner Sollors
Frances Spalding
Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak
Julian Stallabrass
Susan Stewart
Rebecca Stott
Mark Strand
Kathryn Sutherland
Rebecca Swift
Susan Tiberghien
John Whittier Treat
David Treuer
David Trinidad
Marjorie Trusted
Lidia Vianu
Victor Vitanza
Marina Warner
David Wellbery
Edwin Williamson
Michael Wood
Theodore Zeldin

Associate Editor: Neil Langdon Inglis
Assistant Editor: Ana de Biase
Assistant Editor: Eugenio Conchez
Assistant Editor: Patricia Delmar
Assistant Editor: Sophie Lewis
Assistant Editor: Siska Rappé
Assistant Editor: Robert Toperter
Art Consultant: Verónica Barbatano
Art Consultant: Angie Roytgolz

The International Literary Quarterly
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Best regards,
Peter Robertson


A New Zealand Literary Showcase


Iain Britton
Smoking Chimneys
Amy Brown
From “Investigation of the Candidates’ Lives”: Rumwold
Bernard Brown
Third Men
Diane Brown
The difference between us
The woman who walks backwards
Listening to my father read
Taking off
On the way
Zarah Butcher-McGunnigle
Marisa Cappetta
Biological Name for Moth
Janet Charman
Mary Cresswell
You, Now That It Is Safe
The Visitors
Majella Cullinane
Morning Prayer
Emma Currie
I Willed My Ears Into Birds
Jeni Curtis
Driving Puccini to work
Swimming with Dolphins
Belinda Diepenheim
Greyhounds at Scotts Ferry
Prayer Musk
David Eggleton
Graveyard School
Lines at Wharf’s End
Johanna Emeney
Making Contact
At Dusk
Micah Timona Ferris
In the Wizard’s Garden
What Sigmund Has To Say
Janis Freegard
Sea Change
My Year of the Ant Gardens
Robin Fry
Dreams of You
The High Mysteries
Time Traveller
Laurice Gilbert
Cornwall, Ontario
David Gregory
Any of These
Listening at the Mouth of the Flower
Charles Hadfield
Where To Now
Siobhan Harvey
Tension at the Airport
The Ballad of the Lonely Masturbator’s Wife
My Sister Writes Poetry
Kevin Ireland
Onward Citizens
Tim Jones
The Aliquot Brothers
Return to Nussbaum Riegel
Helen Lowe
One Day
Australia Post
Stephanie Mayne
His Black Umbrella
Cilla McQueen
Harvey Molloy
The Exorbitant
Mark Pirie
Edward Tregear
Margaret Ranger
The Old City
Distant Pain
Harry Ricketts
Quarantine Island, Dunedin
At the Getty
Ron Riddell
Other Tribes
Seaside Vaudeville
An Empty House in Titirangi
Richard Von Sturmer
The Book of Equanimity Verses
Niel Wright
Jason and Medea
Sonja Yelich
Three Poems




Sandra Arnold
The Stone
Coral Atkinson
Julia Brannigan
Eric of Epsom
Gay Buckingham
Graeme Lay
A Natural Man
John MacKinven
Snow on the Desert Road
Kate Mahony
A Good Person
Sue Orr
The Open Home
Judith Dell Panny
Like a Stingray
Lawrence Patchett
And as he ran he thought, these are the things that I love
Joseph Ryan
Friends by the Water
Tina Shaw
Latika Vasil
Mia Watkins
Little Ships