The International Literary Quarterly

May 2009

The International Literary Quarterly
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I am delighted to welcome you to Issue 7 of The International Literary Quarterly.

When I founded the review, almost two years ago, I conceived of a publication whose editors would themselves be writers, thereby breaking down a wholly unnecessary compartmentalization in the creative process. With this in mind, and as the review continues to expand, it gives me considerable pleasure to introduce to our readers seventeen new Consulting Editors, all of whom have made a signal contribution to contemporary literature and whose presence is destined to enhance the appeal of Interlitq: Meena Alexander, Maria Teresa Andruetto, Rosemary Ashton, Gillian Beer, Sujata Bhatt, Roberto Brodsky, Ariel Dorfman, Rita Dove, Peter France, Zulfikar Ghose, Geoffrey Hartman, Aamer Hussein, Marina Mayoral, Campbell McGrath, Susan Stewart, Marina Warner and Edwin Williamson.

I very much hope that you will enjoy our latest issue with subtle, evocative poetry by Sarah Arvio, Stephen Cushman, Michael Glover, Fawzi Karim, John McAuliffe and Robert Pinsky; compelling, and highly original, prose by Shushan Avagyan, Jo Baker, Arkadii Dragomoschenko, Michael Ives, Ana Lucic, Joyce Carol Oates, Kate Pullinger and Alan Ziegler; and trenchant critical articles by Andrew Cowan, Aleksandar Petrov, Vera V. Radojević and Christine Simon. And all of this work thrown into dramatic relief by the technically accomplished, and haunting, artwork of Christopher Le Brun RA, our Guest Artist for Issue 7.

Finally, our readers will note that we have on this occasion published work in Arabic, thereby setting the stage for Issue 8 which will include contributions in many different languages, in accordance with Interlitq’s raison d’etre: that of being a literary review truly international in scope.

Wherever you may be in the world, may I and the other Editors of The International Literary Quarterly take this opportunity to extend our best wishes to you, and we look forward to welcoming you back three months from now.

With warm regards,
Peter Robertson