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MEP Ann Widdecombe sparks fury with homophobic gay conversion therapy comments

Former Tory MP Ann Widdecombe was recently elected as an MEP for the Brexit Party

Ann Widdecombe has come under fire after she suggested science could “produce an answer” to being gay.

In an interview on Sky News, the newly elected Brexit Party MEP was asked about previous comments she made concerning gay conversion therapy.

She said she had “pointed out that there was a time when it was thought impossible for men to become women”.

Labour MP Luke Pollard said Ms Widdecombe was “continuing her sick anti-LGBT campaign”.

Video/ A gay police officer defying the walls of prejudice | Michael Lolis

Video/ A gay police officer defying the walls of prejudice | Michael Lolis | TEDxThessaloniki.

In this deeply personal and emotional talk, Michael Lolis describes his struggle to come to terms with his sexual identity. From a young age he tried to conform to society’s stereotypes on what is masculine behaviour and, upon joining the police force, he led a double life full of guilt and distress. However, when he fell in love, he decided to come out and today he is not only the first Greek police officer to openly declare he is gay but also a member of the European LGBT Police Association and an advocate of human rights. Michael Lolis was born in 1986 in a small village near Ioannina, Greece. Having graduated from the Hellenic Police Academy, he is serving at the Department Against Racist Violence in Athens and he is also a member of the European LGBT Police Association. To further complement his work on human rights, he is studying towards a degree in Public and European Law.Michael Lolis is a member of the European LGBT Police Association, who broke some walls speaking openly in his place of work, a highly conservative environment, about homosexuality and the need there is for society to accept LGBT individuals. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

Video/ Speaking Out for LGBT Youth in Egypt

Video/ Speaking Out for LGBT Youth in Egypt.

Omar Sharif, egyptian actor, model and LGBT rights activist takes the audience back to one of the hardest moments of his life; writing and sending a letter that would change his whole world because it held a secret he had kept all his life. Omar grew up in an Egypt that choked people’s freedom socially, politically and religiously, making it very strict towards those who don’t fit into the category of “normal”. Coming from a famous family, he was able to work as a model and actor, and do whatever he wanted professionally, yet he felt invisible. “This is something that I kept hidden because this is something that didn’t fit into the Egypt that I knew; the Egypt that scoff at human rights and persecuted people who are different. Being Gay in Egypt means living in constant fear.” Sharif shares some real cases of human rights abuses towards gay men that turned out to be fake in his country, but that installed fear and hate. Feeling isolated, he found comfort in Hollywood movies and series that showed there was a gay community out there. “It was a formative and fragile time for the country and I knew that it was time that I have to finally settle my internal struggle and add my voice to those calling for an open, tolerant and inclusive Egypt.” He also talks about the responsibility that comes from being a public figure, having a voice and using it for good. Omar describes the negative reactions of people towards his letter and how later he received positive comments that motivated him to keep fighting. He understood that his actions were changing realities for good, around the world. Even though the situation has improved in some places, in Egypt it has regressed and silence continues to be the safest option, but Omar encourages the audience to make a change by inspiring others with their story, just as he did it.