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Austrian women celebrate country’s first same-sex marriage

Associated Press:

BERLIN — Two Austrian women are the first same-sex couple to officially tie the knot in the predominantly Catholic country, following years of legal challenges from gay rights groups.

Public broadcaster ORF reported Tuesday that Nicole Kopaunik and Daniela Paier wed in a ceremony in Velden, southern Austria, shortly after midnight Tuesday.

The couple, both 37, had reportedly been engaged for four years.

Austria’s constitutional court ruled in 2017 that same-sex couples should have the right to marry from Jan. 1, 2019. Previously, same-sex couples could only enter into a registered partnership that granted fewer rights than marriage.

Austria’s current governing parties, the People’s Party and the Freedom Party, had strongly opposed granting same-sex couples the right to marry, but said they would respect the court’s ruling.

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Lord Sugar accused of homophobia over ‘puffs’ tweet

Alan Sugar

Laura Hannam writes:

Lord Alan Sugar has found himself in hot water yet again after posting another controversial tweet. The 71-year-old The Apprentice star has been accused of homophobia after tweeting about ‘puffs.’

A fan jokingly tweeted a Photoshopped image of Sugar’s face on a box of sugar puffs with the caption ‘@LordSugar I found your next business venture.’

‘hah…I have enough puff s [sic] who come through my boardroom’ the entrepreneur replied.