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Constance Garnett's "flaws were not the figment of a native speaker’s snobbery"

Constance Garnett

David Remnick writes:
Garnett’s flaws were not the figment of a native speaker’s snobbery. She worked with such speed, with such an eye toward the finish line, that when she came across a word or a phrase that she couldn’t make sense of she would skip it and move on. Life is short, “The Idiot” long. Garnett is often wooden in her renderings, sometimes unequal to certain verbal motifs and particularly long and complicated sentences. The typescripts of Nabokov’s lectures, which he delivered while teaching undergraduates at Wellesley and Cornell, are full of anti-Garnett vitriol; his margins are a congeries of pencilled exclamations and crabby demurrals on where she had “messed up.” For example, where a passage in the Garnett of “Anna” reads, “Holding his head bent down before him,” Nabokov triumphantly notes, “Mark that Mrs. Garnett has decapitated the man.” When Nabokov was working on a study of Gogol, he complained, “I have lost a week already translating passages I need in ‘The Inspector General’ as I can do nothing with Constance Garnett’s dry shit.”

Russian poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko dies at 84

Beauty and the Beast: Russia considers ban over 'gay moment'

The movie's trailer had almost 130 million views in 24 hours
The movie’s trailer had almost 130 million views in 24 hours

Russian officials are coming under pressure to check if Disney’s new film Beauty and the Beast breaches the country’s law against “gay propaganda”.

One MP described it as “shameless propaganda of sin” and Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky said action would be taken after the checks.
The live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast features Disney’s first ever gay character and love scene.
A Russian law prohibits the spreading of “gay propaganda” among minors.
The 2013 legislation, which angered human rights activists and the international gay community, suggests that homosexuality – described as “non-traditional sexual relations” – is alien to life in Russia.
Many homophobic attacks have been documented in Russia.
Director Bill Condon has spoken of an “exclusively gay moment” in Beauty and the Beast.