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Elena Poniatowska, “Mexico’s grande dame of letters”, was born on this day in history: 19 May, 1932

Elena Poniatowska
Elena Poniatowska

Elena Poniatowska, one of Mexico‘s best known journalists and authors, and a Vice-President of Interlitq, was born on this day in history, 19 May, 1932:

Elena Poniatowska (born May 19, 1932) is one of Mexico‘s best known journalists and authors, specializing in works on social and political issues focused on those considered to be disenfranchised especially women and the poor. She was born in Paris to upper class parents, including her mother whose family fled Mexico during the Mexican Revolution. She left France for Mexico when she was ten to escape the Second World War. When she was eighteen and without a university education, she began writing for the newspaper Excélsior, doing interviews and society columns. Despite the lack of opportunity for women from the 1950s to the 1970s, she evolved to writing about social and political issues in newspapers, books in both fiction and nonfiction form. Her best known work is La noche de Tlatelolco (The night of Tlatelolco, the English translation was titled “Massacre in Mexico”) about the repression of the 1968 student protests in Mexico City. She is considered to be “Mexico’s grande dame of letters” and is still an active writer.

“Rez Life: An Indian’s Journey through Reservation Life” by David Treuer, a Consulting Editor for Interl...


Reviewing Rez Life: An Indian’s Journey through Reservation Life by David Treuer, the writer of Jewish and Ojibwe descent, raised on the Leech Lake Indian Reservation in Northern Minnesota, author of the novels “Little”“The Hiawatha” and “The Translation of Dr Apelles: A Love Story” (named “Best Book for 2006” by “The Washington Post”), and who is a Consulting Editor for Interlitq, Pamela Miller, writing in Star Tribune states that “Treuer loathes sentiment and stereotypes, and the people whose stories he tells are layered and complex, hard to pin down” and concludes, “Rez Life is not just about Indians, but about America”.