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Neil Langdon Inglis to review Brian Inglis’s book “Trance”

Neil Langdon Inglis
“Trance” by the Irish historian and broadcaster Brian Inglis (1916-1993).
Neil Langdon Inglis (U.S. General Editor and Parapsychology Editor) will review his father’s 1989 book on the paranormal, “Trance,” originally published by Grafton and recently reissued in Kindle and iTunes form by White Crow Books.
Neil will discuss how “Trance” ties in with his father’s earlier psi histories, and will explain why and how this book reveals his father’s growing maturity, sophistication, and persuasiveness as an advocate for the Occult force.

Neil Langdon Inglis to discuss, in forthcoming “Shattered Reality Podcast”, Brian Inglis’s work in the O...