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Video/ ‘Strindberg: A Life’ Author Sue Prideaux Interviewed by Yale Books

Sue Prideaux

Video/ ‘Strindberg: A Life’ Author Sue Prideaux Interviewed by Yale Books.

August Strindberg is principally known, in Arthur Miller’s words, as “the mad inventor of modern theater”. Yale Books Blog presents a conversation with Sue Prideaux, author of new biography ‘Strindberg: A Life’ (published by Yale UP). The discussion explores the enduring significance of August Strindberg’s work, some of the more surprising aspects of his life and why female actors love his plays. An original interview for the Yale Books Blog Visit Strindberg: A Life at Yale Books:

How Norway turns criminals into good neighbours

(BBC Stories) What is the point of sending someone to prison – retribution or rehabilitation? Twenty years ago, Norway moved away from a punitive “lock-up” approach and sharply cut reoffending rates. The BBC’s Emma Jane Kirby went to see the system in action, and to meet prison officers trained to serve as mentors and role models for prisoners.

“OK, and now put your big toes together and put your bum behind you!” calls the enthusiastic yoga instructor in English to the 20 or so participants who are shuffling into child’s pose on rubber mats spread out on the grass in the faint early morning sunshine.

“Can you feel the stretch?” she gently asks a heavily tattooed man as she settles his ruffled T-shirt and smoothes his wide back with her hand. “It’s OK, yeah?”

It could be a yoga class at any holistic health retreat anywhere in the world but the participants here at Norway’s maximum security Halden Prison are rather far removed from the usual yummy mummy spa clientele. Barefoot murderers, rapists and drug smugglers practise downward-facing dog and the lotus position alongside their prison officers, each participant fully concentrating on the clear instructions from the teacher.

“It calms them,” says prison governor Are Hoidal approvingly, as we watch from the sidelines. “We don’t want anger and violence in this place. We want calm and peaceful inmates.”

Fugitive playboy wanted for murder of London student 11 years ago comes forward

Martine Vik Magnussen ( PA )

Justin Davenport writes:

A fugitive playboy wanted for the murder of a London student 11 years ago has asked to meet lawyers from her family, it has been revealed.

Farouk Abdulhak, who police want to question over the rape and murder of Martine Vik Magnussen, is in hiding in Yemen where he fled after the killing.

He is the only suspect in the death of the 23-year-old Norwegian, whose body was found partly hidden under rubble in the basement of flats in Great Portland Street on March 16, 2008.

She was last seen with Abdulhak — whose father is billionaire sugar magnate Shaher Abdulhak — as the pair left a nightclub in Mayfair in the early hours of March 14. They both studied at the private Regent’s Business School.