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March 2018: Interlitq to publish Neil Langdon Inglis's review ("Revolutionary or traitor?") of his father&#...

Hanged for treason in the depths of WWI, Roger Casement (1864-1916) remains a heroic figure for many in his home country of Ireland. When Irish author Brian Inglis turned his attention to the enigmatic revolutionary executed in the year of Inglis’s birth, a sympathetic treatment of the subject seemed likely. And yet, it bears witness to Inglis’s judicious objectivity that his resulting biography of Casement yielded no whitewash, but a measured assessment of a man of ideals and fatal flaws. With the release of a new Kindle edition by Endeavour Media, a new generation of readers can now savor Inglis’s account of Casement’s life, a true classic of the genre (first published by Hodder & Stoughton in 1973). In March 2018, Brian’s son Neil Langdon Inglis (Interlitq‘s U.S. General Editor) will review his father’s biography in his article “Revolutionary or traitor?”.
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Endeavour Press issues Kindle edition of Brian Inglis's 1974 biography of Roger Casement

Brian Inglis

Neil Langdon Inglis, U. S. General Editor of Interlitq, and a contributor to Issues 18, 19, 20 and 21 of Interlitq and English Writers 1, English Writers 2 and English Writers 3, wishes to announce that Endeavour Press in London has issued a Kindle edition of his father Brian Inglis’s 1974 biography of Roger Casement, the Irish revolutionary executed for treason in 1916.  Sympathetic, but in no way hagiographical, Inglis’s account explores all dimensions of Casement’s life–in particular, Casement’s unsparing investigations of the rubber trade in the Belgian Congo, and atrocities in Latin America.
Passionate but naive, a visionary lacking in sound judgment, Casement was devoted to the cause of Irish freedom, yet spent years as a willing servant of the British Crown–and ended his days disastrously as a supporter of the Kaiser. Inglis quotes at length from Casement’s “Black Diaries,” having concluded they were genuine and an indispensable source of insight into his subject. “Roger Casement” is widely regarded as one of the classic biographies of the 20th century.
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