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"The Interlitq redesign continues. The current timeframe is a June completion date…": Jeff Barry

Jeff Barry begins writing in his blog Endless Hybrids:
“Earlier in the year I described the essential elements in redesigning a literary magazine with Interlitq as our case study. The Interlitq redesign continues. The current timeframe is a June completion date, which is delayed from my original intention of April. The delay is largely due to my teaching schedule. I completed the multimedia storytelling course, which had a complex web project, in April. And barely more than a week later started teaching an innovations in publishing course during our mini-spring term, which is just 4 weeks. Once spring term is over, I’ll have more time to wrap up the Interlitq project. Also, I have a graduate student from the University of Tennessee School of Information Sciences collaborating with me over the summer on literary magazine redesign and library publishing.”
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"The redesign of Interlitq is going extremely well": Jeff Barry

In his article “Interlitq: identifying essential elements in redesigning a literary magazine”, published in Endless Hybrids, Jeff Barry begins:
“The redesign of Interlitq is going extremely well. We’re on a timeline to have the redesign completed this spring, and aiming for an early April release if at all possible. A literary magazine is one of the more complex types of sites to redesign. On the surface it looks quite simple: modify the header, adjust the color palette, update the typography and call it done. But there’s much more once you dig into all the elements that make a literary magazine on the web.”
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