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Reynhard Sinaga: the ‘Peter Pan’ student who raped scores of men

Reynhard Sinaga came to the UK from Indonesia on a student visa in 2007 and never left, living off money from his father. Photograph: Facebook

Helen Pidd and Josh Halliday write:

There is no such thing as a typical rapist. But both Reynhard Sinaga’s friends and victims agree there was nothing about his friendly and unthreatening appearance to suggest he was capable of any kind of violence, let alone a two-and-a-half year campaign of rape and degradation.

Barely 5ft 7in (170cm) tall, with a soft voice, ready smile and thick-rimmed glasses, he cut an unassuming figure. “He’s just nice, meek and inoffensive,” said one friend from the Gay Village in Manchester. “I can’t imagine him getting a parking ticket or telling off. He’s such a square.”

Born in 1983 to a Catholic family in Jambi in the Indonesian island of Sumatra, Sinaga came to the UK in 2007 on a student visa when he was 24. For the next 10 years, up until his arrest on 2 June 2017, he lived off money wired from Indonesia by his father, a banker. As well as paying tens of thousands of pounds in tuition fees, his father financed Sinaga’s flat in Montana House, a few doors down from Factory nightclub, which became his favourite place to look for men.

Sinaga, known as Rey, rarely talked about his family or life back home, where he had two siblings. His mother came to the first pre-trial hearing, but was not present for any of the four trials her son insisted on putting his victims through, with the defence claiming the men he drugged and filmed himself raping were only pretending to be asleep.

He never hid his sexuality in Manchester, where he was a regular on Canal Street and in the Gay Village. Giving evidence in the fourth trial, Sinaga told of using gay dating apps including Grindr and Hornet.

His friends say they had no knowledge of his crimes. Some had heard him describe “turning” heterosexual men as a sport. He would boast to certain friends of his sexual misadventures, often with the heterosexual men he was later accused of raping.

In July 2015, in a WhatsApp exchange read to the jury, he told a friend that his flatmate was moving out. “You can get in lots of straight boys darling,” said his friend. Sinaga responded with a photograph of his latest victim, passed out: “Hahaha. You mean like this one?”

Scottish serial killer detective ‘took Jack the Ripper’s identity to grave’

Donald Sutherland Swanson

Matt Bendoris writes:

Former trainee school teacher Donald Swanson, from Thurso, Caithness, rose through the ranks of Scotland Yard to head up the Whitechapel Murders.

Five women were slain and mutilated in the East End of London during a bloody four-month period in 1888 — with the twisted Ripper even DISSECTING his final victim Mary Jane Kelly.

To this day ‘Ripperologists’ continue to hotly dispute the monster’strue identity.

But author Adam Wood believes stoic, mild-mannered Donald — who took the secret of who he believed the killer was to his grave — would be surprised by all the fuss more than a century later.

He says: “Donald was satisfied that the Ripper died shortly after being committed to an asylum following the final murder.

“As far as he was concerned the case was closed, and there certainly were no more Ripper murders.”

The 54-year-old writer was given rare access to the detective’s personal archives by his great-grandson Nevil Swanson.

He says: “The family hadn’t thrown anything away and when I trawled through it I realised there was a book in it.

“However, apparently it was well-known within the family that Donald knew the identity of the Ripper.

How This Cop’s Dream About a Murder Reopened a Cold Case


Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast/Getty

Michael Daly writes:

Forty-five years ago, a teenager was brutally raped and strangled in a quiet Queens community. But one cop never forgot her.

Police: 3 dead in apparent murder-suicide; 4 children safe


Associated Press:

LAKELAND, Fla. (AP) — Three adults were killed in an apparent murder-suicide on Christmas Eve while four young children were inside the home, authorities in Florida said.

The children were safely removed from the home after the shooting Tuesday night, Lakeland Police Capt. Ed Cain told reporters.

The three dead adults all suffered gunshot wounds. Investigators did not immediately identify them or say whether any of them were related to the children. All four of the children are believed to be younger than 10 years old, Cain said.

“It’s a very tragic situation on Christmas Eve that’s going to impact a lot of families,” Cain said.