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In Belarus, in April 2002, 47% of Belarusians thought "that gays should be imprisoned" (Source: Wikipedia)

Source: Wikipedia:
Gay life is still largely underground, and most Belarusians consider homosexuality a disorder. Homophobic attitudes, suspicions and prejudices are still very strong. According to a survey by the Belarusian Lambda League for Sexual Equality (Lambda Belarus) in April 2002, 47% of Belarusians think that gays should be imprisoned. Young people increasingly tolerate homosexuality and show a growing interest in gay and lesbian culture. However, their interests remain part of youth popular culture and is often considered as a kind of fashion that will be outgrown and forgotten when they become adults. In 2007, Information Center TEMA and organized a vote about the reaction of Gomel region youth to sexual minorities. 47.6% had negative feelings to sexual and gender minorities, 10% want to criminalize homosexual relations.
The most recent poll by Pew Research Center published in May 2017 suggests that 16% of Belarusian are in favor of same-sex marriage while 81% oppose the idea, which was significantly higher than in Ukraine (9%), Russia (5%) and Moldova (5%). Younger people are more likely than their elders to favor legal gay marriage (22% vs. 14%)